Zombie Tsunami is an endless platform game. In Zombie Tsunami, take your place in a crowd of rampaging undead as you race through the city attacking the unfortunate survivors and adding them to your unstoppable throng of hungry. Beginning with a single zombie running through the streets, chase down the living and add them to your chaotic procession of dashing undead. The more people you bite and add to your ranks, the longer the Zombie Tsunami can charge across the planet, eating everything in its way. But brains aren’t the only thing you can eat as the Zombie Tsunami gets into full swing. Devour the bonuses and power-ups to activate the Giant Zombie with multiple lasers shooting out of its many eyeballs, sneak around the cities as a netherworld Ninja, or clone members of your zombie hoard with the UFO. You can get here your unlimited sum of gold and coins – all you have to do is connect your device via USB cable for virtually any computer. It’s a Zombie Tsunami out there, and everyone is invited!


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